E&J Estates was founded in 1996. Your property is one of over 1,600 buildings administered by us across the UK, from private houses to large blocks of flats.

On behalf of landlord and homeowners, E&J Estates:

  • Collects and administers ground rents
  • Administers building insurance
  • Manages lease extensions, property sales, landlord consents and other changes
  • Assists homeowners wishing to sell their property
  • Appoints and supervises a network of professional managing agents

The relationship between your landlord and E&J Estates.

Your landlord sub-contracts all administration of its properties to E&J Estates.

The obligations of landlords to homeowners include to keep the building in good repair, to insure it, and to enforce when a homeowner breaches the terms of their lease to the detriment of other homeowners.

The obligations of homeowners to landlords are to pay ground rent and insurance premiums as required by the lease, and to abide by other covenants, such as not to make major alterations or sub-letting without landlord consent.

What does E&J Estates do?

We undertake your landlord’s obligations under the lease, either directly or through managing agents. We support homeowners with the services they need, from when they first buy their properties, to when they sell, and at all points in between.

E&J Estates Leaseholder Insurance Disclosures

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