Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

E&J Estates aims to communicate with homeowners and other parties helpfully and courteously.

Most people we deal with as we deliver our services take a similar approach.

On rare occasions however our team can be exposed to abusive language or behaviour. We have a policy of zero tolerance towards this.

Our people are entitled to work in a respectful environment as we try to help homeowners and others who contact us.

Where a member of staff is subjected to rude, aggressive or insulting comments, we may take the following sanctions:

  • Call recording.
  • Call termination – a member of our team will terminate any call where an individual is behaving unreasonably. A note of the incident will be made and referred to a director.
  • Terminating contact – in exceptional circumstances we may refuse to have further contact with the individual responsible. We may block specific telephone numbers or e-mail accounts.
  • Limiting contact – if a person is unreasonably persistent through multiple telephone calls, e-mails or letters, we will attempt to agree with the individual a more reasonable contact pattern, or will impose contact limitations.
  • Informing the Authorities – threats against team members or company property will be reported immediately to the Police.

Such actions will always be applied proportionately and sanctioned by a director.

We recognise that people always have the right to complain and to make their point forthrightly. We always work to find an equitable solution for all parties.

Most of us recognise however the line between a robust conversation and outright abuse.

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