Leaseholder Insurance Disclosures

The FCA now requires brokers and insurers to provide certain information to leaseholders on insurance programmes arranged by freeholders. If insurance for your building is arranged by us, click here to access this information:

Insured By Zurich

Zurich Buildings policy wording Download
Zurich Buildings summary of coverDownload
Lancashire Terrorism policy wordingDownload
Lancashire Terrorism summary of coverDownload
You can access the AJG Leaseholder Disclosure Letter through the E&J Estates Leaseholder PortalAccess Portal

Insured By Ecclesiastical

Ecclesiastical Buildings Policy WordingDownload
Ecclesiastical Buildings Summary of CoverDownload
Lancashire Terrorism Policy WordingDownload
Lancashire Terrorism Summary of CoverDownload
Your Leaseholder Disclosure Letter provides specific information about the insurance placed for your block, including details of premiums and any commissionsAccess Portal

E&J Estates Leaseholder Insurance Disclosures

Click here to view the new Leaseholder Insurance Disclosures