Leaseholder Deeds of Certificate

Following the recent passing of the Building Safety Act and associated regulations, some homeowners in leasehold properties are now protected against the costs of some building safety related costs. Some homeowners will still have to pay, but only up to a maximum “cap” specified by the legislation. Other homeowners remain liable to pay as normal through the service charge apportionments specified in their lease.

The protections apply to buildings which are 11 meters or over in height or with at least 5 storeys. Please see our FAQ’s which provide more information on this subject.

The Leaseholder Deed of Certificate (LDoC) has been designed to identify whether a homeowner is liable to contribute towards building safety costs, in some circumstances, and if so what their maximum contribution will be.

Your landlord needs you to complete the LDoC to understand what your own position is in relation to cost contribution and to ensure that you benefit fully from any protection available to you. We have attached for information only at this stage a copy of the specified form.

You might want to read the documentation on the government’s website. This gives details of the supporting documents and information you will need to provide with your DLoC so that your landlord can confirm your own position in relation to the cost protections.

Your landlord is currently going through a process of contacting homeowners for their LDOc’s and you will receive documentation from us in due course. You do not have to contact us yourself, we will be directly in touch.

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