Our Team

Our teams are here to guide homeowners through the various services provided by E&J Estates, throughout the life of your lease

Accounts Team

Our Accounts Team invoices homeowners for ground rent and insurance, and processes payments.

Property Team

Appoints and oversees performance of your landlord’s network of agents which manage its buildings day to day. Our Property team also provides strategic oversight of cladding and fire safety remediation projects.

Leasehold Transfer Team

Liaises with homeowners and solicitors when a homeowner is selling a property to fulfil the necessary documentation.

Late Payments Team

Communicates with homeowners who are late in settling an invoice.

Legal Team

Assists homeowners wishing to extend or vary a lease, purchase the freehold, alter their properties, or sub-let.

Insurance Team

Manages, via the landlord’s brokers, the landlord’s buildings insurance programme.


Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson is Managing Director, overseeing the administration of all aspects of E&J Estates’ service. Tim’s role is to ensure that each of our teams has the resources and skills to assist homeowners in every area where they need us.

Steve Boon

Steve Boon

Steve is E&J Estates’s in house lawyer, heading up our Legal team. He ensures that all our teams find appropriate and legally sound solutions to the many challenges we face day to day across your landlord’s estate.

Cheryl Earle

Cheryl Earle

Cheryl is Group Property Manager, responsible for overseeing the performance of the panel of agents which manage each individual property. She ensures problems at properties are attended to rapidly, service charge accounts are handled carefully, and good communication is maintained with homeowners. Crucially, Cheryl spearheads our drive to remediate buildings with cladding and other fire safety issues, securing government funding for homeowners wherever possible.

Joanne Brown

Joanne Brown

Joanne is our financial controller, taking responsibility for homeowner facing functions including the invoicing of ground rents and insurance premiums. Joanne also provides finance assistance to the Property Team, so that we always achieve best value and the lowest achievable costs for homeowners.

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