Electronic Vehicle Charging and Solar Car Parks – Zurich Insurance Company’s Guide to Hazards and Good Practice

In 2030, it will no longer be possible in the UK to buy a conventional, fossil fuelled car. So the future is electric, and most drivers have either bought a hybrid or fully electric car, or are considering it when they next change.

But new technology brings new risks. EV chargers, lithium batteries and solar car parks all present potentially enhanced fire risk unless planned and managed carefully.

There are particular challenges in blocks of flats, especially if the chargers are fitted in a covered and/or underground area.

Zurich Insurance Company has produced a useful guide, which can be accessed via the link below, outlining the risks and how these can be mitigated by good practice through the lifetime of an installation.

So if your Man Co or RA is considering options for your own block, we hope this guideline will help your planning process, before engaging with your landlord.

The Guide can be viewed here

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