Fighting for Fair Insurance

Since Grenfell, there has been a focus on the risks presented by high rise buildings with flammable cladding and other fire safety defects.

This problem has arisen through years of inadequate building control and poor construction practices. Understandably, the main concern has been on personal safety, but insurance companies covering these buildings are also concerned about the potential cost of major fires.

While most affected buildings have been made safe for occupation and are undergoing remediation, insurers still face increased fire risk until remediation projects are completed. The result has been insurers withdrawing or reducing exposure to residential blocks, and some major premium increases.

It is currently near impossible to find alternative insurers prepared to offer more lenient terms for larger buildings with fire safety problems and even buildings with lower fire risk have faced some level of premium increase.

E&J Estates is extremely concerned to see some of our homeowners facing such costs.

E&J Estates believes that the ability to source insurance at reasonably affordable rates is crucial to our homeowners. We have joined in industry calls for insurers and government to work together to resolve the current market difficulties.

Last renewal, we offered interest free payment plans to homeowners to try and minimise the disruption. Additionally, we have commenced the 2022 renewal process early, to leave no stone unturned in the effort to identify a more acceptable solution.

A 5-month renewal exercise before the March 2021 renewal involved 2 major brokers, which approached 16 insurers with our property portfolio. Despite this, people in higher risk buildings received some substantial premium increases.

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