Supporting Homeowners during the Covid-19 pandemic

As the pandemic unfolded in early 2020, E&J Estates put in place a plan to limit disruption and alleviate the stress of homeowners where possible.

We invited people to share with us any difficulty they were having settling ground rent and insurance bills, without demanding intrusive detail.

We were able to agree extended payment plans and allow homeowners to pay in a time frame achievable for them. Indeed, we suspended our standard late payment charges and other credit control measures.

In addition, on insurance, your landlord settled the premiums itself in line with the strict terms of credit imposed by insurers, despite offering extended payment plans to homeowners, which meant that it had not collected matching funds.

“The pandemic has been very challenging for everybody, including our homeowners. At E&J Estates, we are always conscious that we are dealing with people’s homes and do what we can to assist. It is right to respect that everyone’s circumstances are different, and we have acted accordingly.”

Tim Wilson
E&J Estates Managing Director

E&J Estates Leaseholder Insurance Disclosures

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