Supporting homeowners with
fire safety remediation. Fresh Apartments, Manchester

At E&J Estates, we are committed to working with homeowners to help solve problems.

People in large blocks of flats face substantial bills to remediate fire safety defects, often hindering their ability to raise mortgages or sell their properties.

This causes significant stress to many. Unfortunately, government funding for some cladding defects does not extend to other expensive fire safety faults identified, such as poor fire compartmentation.

We believe that homeowners should not have to pay for fire safety defects, which they did not cause. We are supporting calls for extended government funding to deal with this as saddling homeowners with government backed loans for example is simply not a solution that E&J Estates sees as acceptable.

The E&J Estates Management team is working flat out to support homeowners in this position. We are commissioning surveys on buildings, securing government funding, pursuing other forms of recovery such as building warranties and guiding our managing agents through the remediation process.

We do all of this without any charge to our homeowners. For example, Fresh Apartments, in Manchester, was identified as having multiple defects, including two different types of flammable cladding. Worried homeowners faced life changing bills.

E&J Estates secured government funding to meet the costs of replacing both types of cladding. It also put sustained pressure on a reluctant warranty provider to pick up its part of the bill, including the significant cost of the waking watch required by the Fire Service.

As a result, contractors are now on site and well into the remediation process. Residents have not had to pay for any of the work and live in the comfort of a safe and saleable home.

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